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Time efficient business model. What you want, in the time frame you want it, at a fair price.

We don't like our time to be wasted, so we won't waste your time.

**We won’t be able to accept every client that requests flooring help from us, (due to the fact that there is only 24 hours in the day 😊) but if we have agreed to work with you, you will get an end product that’s as close to perfection as humanly possible.**

You won’t find a fancy website or fancy advertisements with us. We operate by word of mouth only (infact we started our google review page only in 2020ish.)

Our goal is not to chase and hook as many customers as we can to make maximum profit. 

Our goal and mission statement is to serve everyone that come to us in the need they have, with Integrity and excellence.  


We are second generation flooring professionals.  Flooring is what we know; flooring is our family trade.  We feel confident that you will have the best experience purchasing and installing your floors with us because we are equipped to serve your needs due to our 60+ years of experience in flooring industry. Some of our previous clients include residential homes, offices, churches, George Mason University, embassies, and even the West Wing in the white House.  

Who We Serve

We serve anyone with a flooring need, in the Northern Virginia, Washington DC, Southern Maryland region.  Homeowners, renters, realtors, residential or commercial; if you have a flooring need, we would love to compete for your business.  We sell with integrity, install immediately, with prices that can’t be beat and service that can’t be touched.  

Our Heart

We love people and love serving people.  We are perfectionists when it comes to our work and complete every job that has been entrusted to us with excellence. Our greatest joy comes when we have an opportunity to bless another person.

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